About us

Veranex is the only comprehensive, global, tech-enabled service provider, dedicated to partnering with global healthcare companies and innovators. Our services cover all medical device development steps, from the first project idea to its design & development, to certification or regulatory clearance.


While certain insights can only be obtained with extensive experience working on various domains of product development and interacting with regulatory authorities, having an understanding of the processes to be followed by the internal teams is essential to set the foundation for success. 


That is why, on this platform, our experts share introductory and advanced learnings that allow MedTech teams to work more efficiently, in key areas such as:

  • Product Design & Engineering
  • Preclinical Services
  • Clinical Development
  • Data Management & Analytics
  • Regulatory Affairs & Quality Management
  • Commercial Strategy & Market Access


You are welcome to check our training offering and register for an upcoming session. If you don’t find the course you need, please write us an email to: mdd-training@veranex.com